Amura in Sanskrit means ‘intelligence’ and is one of India’s #1 digital marketing companies. Amura is headquartered out of Pune with offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and West Coast (USA). The company has been founded by ex-silicon valley entrepreneurs and technology toppers and is one of the very few data-driven marketing companies in the world, to have 200% year-on-year growth.

Amura belongs to an elite club of global technology companies who have their own end-to-end marketing & sales automation platform, which manages the consumer decision journey from the very first ad impression to the last unit of sales, and even post sales transaction and loyalty.

Amura is working with over 100 Indian corporates from Real Estate, BFSI, Automotive, Education and Pharma, where performances & sales are critical to success. Founded in 2010, the Company is already looking to launch the world’s first Data Management Platform beginning with the Real Estate vertical.

Amura’s has a service philosophy of Marketing Engineered which is ensuring marketing & business success for our clients, using world-class digital know-how, supported by a next generation technology-core of proprietary platforms & products, processes and an outstanding tech team.

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