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Water Proofing Partner
Pidilite Industries is the market leader in adhesives and sealants, construction chemicals, hobby colours and polymer emulsions in India. Dr. Fixit from Pidilite is the largest waterproofing brand in India and offers a range of innovative system solutions for the construction industry, investing significantly on training and promoting awareness of waterproofing. Our efforts are supported by cutting-edge R&D centres (India and Singapore) manned by an excellent pool of professionals and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Today, Dr. Fixit exports to 20 countries and has been launched in Thailand, UAE and Singapore through Pidilite’s wholly owned subsidiaries.

Pidilite’s commitment is further seen through three new service-centric offerings. Dr. Fixit Advice Centre offers the right advice and solutions to its customers. Dr. Fixit Knowledge Centre (Kochi) facilitates correct understanding and application of waterproofing solutions. Dr. Fixit Institute of Structural Protection and Rehabilitation, a not-for-profit organisation, applicators about the latest technological advances over conventional techniques. The intent of the brand is to propagate healthy construction to build a “Leak free India”.
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