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Indian economy despite ups and lows has been a robust one and thus offers multitude of opportunities both to the external investors and internal citizens. This vast plethora of opportunities is leading citizens to move into more urbanized centres and the nation will see almost 50% of its citizens migrating towards developed financial hubs by 2020. Considering this scenario, the government has understood the need of the hour and thus has announced its ambitious goal of creating 100 smart cities which will offer ample employment and trade opportunities. Allocating in tune 7060 crores as investments, these cities will demand commercial, residential, retail and hospitality infrastructure on par with the global standards.

This indeed is positive news for the real estate sectors across all segments providing them business expansion chances beyond metros to the other untapped cities. Other positive measures from the government like easing the foreign direct investment (FDI) norms, clarity on taxation of real estate investment trusts (REIT) and boosting urban as well as rural housing has further brought optimism in the business fraternity.

However, despite the enthusiasm and regulatory push, players of real estate industry are cautious in their expansion plans largely due to current underlying challenges like real estate project approvals, ensuring activation of regulation and development bill and providing connectivity and infrastructure development in the country. Understandably, these challenges will need to be addressed before real estate sector moves to the next level.

Economic Times believes that as smart and sustainable cities will be the precursor of economic growth, and understandably real estate sector will play a pivotal role in enabling the same. With this in purview, ET is pleased to announce The Economic Times Realty Summit that will discuss few topics on “Crafting “smart cities”: India’s new urban vision enabled with technology and infrastructure”; “Smart Cities Concept - Redefining the future of Real Estate in India” and “The Scene today - FDI in Real Estate”.
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