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Kisan Mouldings Ltd. (KML)

Kisan Mouldings Ltd. (KML) has been playing a leading role in offering quality piping solutions that address the country’s needs, in its endeavour to expand & grow. With 9 manufacturing locations & 12 branch offices that efficiently cater to the largest distributor and dealer network in the industry, KML has extended its reach to almost all major cities of the nation. The superior quality of our products, a result of a never ending quest for excellence & technological advancement, combined with our wide reach & service, make us a coveted brand in the piping industry. Be it Building & Construction, Water Management or Micro-Irrigation, KML has a wide range of piping solutions, manufactured in state-of-the-art, ISO certified facilities & carrying the coveted BIS mark. KML is known as a one-stop-shop amongst our discerning & quality conscious customer who requires superior products for all their piping needs.
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