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Taylor Devices is the world leader in Earthquake Protection Technology holding over 90 patents in the fields of shock control, damping and isolation systems. It is also the largest manufacturer of Dampers and its technology is installed and being used to protect thousands of buildings and other structures worldwide. Taylor Devices markets its technology to the real-estate, infrastructure, aerospace, defense and industrial sectors. The company is based in North Tonawanda, New York and is listed at the NASDAQ.

Taylor Devices India is the exclusive representative company of Taylor Devices Inc. in India and responsible for all its operations in the Indian sub-continent. The Indian operations of Taylor Devices were started by Sandeep Shah in the year 2005. Sandeep is the Managing Director of Taylor Devices India Pvt. Ltd. and is a Seismic and Highrise Specialist. He has obtained Masters degree in Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics from University of Sheffield, U.K. and has undertaken research in Configuration of Energy Dissipation Devices (Dampers) for highrises and super-tall buildings to counter seismic and wind effects.
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